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From Amway, in partnership with Figaro, comes Achievers Coffee,Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix and Achievers Iced Tea with Stevia. These Filipino products are perfect for those who love instant coffee, chocolate and tea that are healthy and easy to prepare.

Amway Achievers

Amway, a global leader in health, beauty and an outstanding business opportunity for Independent Business Owners, partners with first Filipino coffee company Figaro to introduce its latest products which held on Tuesday, November 24 at the Figaro DBP Makati branch.


Amway Figaro

The intimate event was joined  by bloggers, online community, friends from Amway and Figaro. Guests were treated with mouth-watering pizza from Angels Pizza, splendid Pasta and Salad from Figaro, and of course, special drinks from Amway’s Achievers.

Figaro coffee

The Achievers 3-in-1 coffee is made carefully selected coffee beans from the mountains of Bukidnon. It is a light brown free- flowing powder used for hot beverage. It’s also rich in taste and enticing aroma as well exact sweetness that will surely make you ask for one more cup. You can have this coffee for Php 250 which comes in 10 sachets.

Amway Achievers coffee

The Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix is perfect for chocolate drink lovers. It is made from carefully selected cocoa beans. One box has 10 sachets in 25grams. No need to use high- end equipment to make an cup of chocolate. All you need is hot water and Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix to have an excellent chocolate drink. This dark chocolate has a hint of sweetness and creaminess. SRP is Php 350.

achievers coffee

The Achievers Iced Tea with special ingredient, Stevia, also referred to as the “sweet leaf” or “sugar leaf,” is perfect for tea lovers. The Stevia is alternative to sugar which is a natural sweetener with plenty of benefits like to stabilize blood sugar level, improve bone density, promote absorption of calcium, etc. Compare with other tea, the Achievers Tea with Stevia is not too sweet. It’s the best healthy iced drink for consumers with diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure and osteoporosis. One box price is at Php 300 which can make 16-20 bottles.

Achievers products are available in all Amway offices nationwide

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