Maybe all of you are wondering where AVON products are made.

AVON is the world’s leading beauty company that offers skin care, makeup, personal care, fragrance and other cosmetics products.

The company for women is the country’s largest direct seller. It started in 1978 under the name Beautifont. The company name officially changed from Beautifont by Avon to Avon Cosmetics, Inc in 1983.

At present , Avon celebrates more than 30 years of making women’s dreams come true through its beauty products, earning opportunities and others.

Avon Philippines

I was so lucky to be invited by Avon on a plant tour together with other beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

We left McDonalds in EL Pueblo (meet-up place) past 10 o’clock in the morning going to Laguna (the home of Avon Plant). That day I don’t have sleep so I decided to position myself at the back of the car. Of course “borlogs time” lolz

I don’t know what exact time we arrived in the plant but I think it’s past 12 noon. It’s really hot outside.

Upon entering the building, we were welcomed by the Avon staffs. They were very accommodating.  It’s already afternoon but they greeted us “GOOD MORNING”. As their tradition, they always greet their visitors and their employees “GOOD MORNING” anytime of the day.. hmm just like in the call center

You know what! I’m the only guy who was invited on this tour. Yes you read it right..I’m the only flower on this batch lolz. Not actually because we our accompanied by male photographers. Some of the bloggers who attended on this event are my friends and familiar to me… So I’m very comfortable attending this event.  And also,  most of my readers are ladies so definitely they will love to read this blog. Is that right?

Before we entered the production area, we wore the laboratory gown. (sorry guys I don’t know what is that called). I felt I’m a nurse or should I say a doctor while wearing the gown..lolz

Do I look Like a Doctor? lolz

One of the things I noticed in Avon plant, the building and the production area are very clean. There’s no garbage or stain on the floor and the wall. Everything is properly set up. The raw materials and finished products are positioned on the proper place.

I also noticed the bulb bec. it’s different from the usual bulb we are using. According to our tour guide, they are using solar power on their lights. On that way, the company is not only saving money for the electricity, it also helps to our environment.

Avon products were made manually and its high-end machines. They can produce thousand of cosmetics products per day.

The production’s employees are very detailed on the products. They make sure that every products used by the customers are in quality.

After our tour, it’s eating time. Yahhooo! Lolz..They prepared healthy and delicious food. Again, I’m not a vegetarian but I love to eat vegetables and fruits.

Avon also introduced the new and improved SKIN SO SOFT, AVON’s  trusted NO. 1 hand and body lotion brand.

The new Skin So Soft Soft & White line is formulated with the brightening marula oil that is rich in anti oxidants.It also contains an Advanced Brightening Complex that dials down dark skin pigments and dials up light skin pigments. You can also moisturized your hand through its Skin So Soft Soft & White Whitening Hand Cream that restores moisture to dry hands leaving your skin feeling silky and soft.

Radiant Glow & Body Lotion (250 ml): Regular Price: Php 330

Protect & Enhance Body Lotion (250 ml) : Regular Price Php 330

Intensive Whitening Hand and Body Lotion (250 ml) Regular Price Php 350  (available starting September 16, 2012)

Cellulite Minimizer Lotion (250 ml): Regular Price Php 350

Whitening Hand Cream (250) Regular Price Php 200   (available starting September 16, 2012)

Whitening Body Wash (25o ml) Regular Price Php 330

Skin So Soft Silky Moisture is now containing Argan oil that aids in hydrating dry to extra dry skin. The replenishing Body Lotion of theSkin So Soft Silky Moisture infused with skin illuminators and provides long-lasting 24-hour mositurization. You can also have the Skin So Soft Silky Moisture  Roll-on Anti Perspirant Deodorant that provides all day freshness with Silkplex Technology containing essence of luxurious silk transforming skin with sensual softeners.

Replenishing Body Lotion (250 ml) : Regular Price: Php 300

Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion: Regular Price : Php 300 (available starting October 1, 2012)

Cream Body Wash (250 ml): Regular Price: Php 300

Roll Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (40 ml): Regular Price: Php 135

Want to have youthful skin?  Try the  Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing line that rejuvenates with Babassu oil that leaves skin moisturized and well-conditioned. There is also Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing Rejuvenating Body Wash that contains Triple Firm Technology and TDPA, provides silky, rich lather that cleanses and exfoliates skin while maintaining its natural moisture.

Hand and Boy Lotion (250 ml): Regular Price: Php 350

Rejuvenating Body Wash (250 ml) Regular Price : Php 350

Check out these new products in all Avon dealers near you. It’s also featured on the Avon catalogue/brochures.

Overall , I really enjoyed this tour. It’s very educating. I miss my grade and high school days. The word “field trip” means a lot to me. There are so many good memories that needs to keep and always to remember.

Thanks Ogilvy, Avon and to all the bloggers I met and officially became my friends. I’m gonna miss guys.. See you soon again..

Love you all- Pinoy Manila


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