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Glenfiddich, the most honored single malt scotch whisky in the world, presents its Where Next campaign to the Philippines in an effort to motivate people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and rise to new challenges in order to experience genuine growth. Glenfiddich thinks that by launching this local campaign, it will inspire the Filipino people to embrace their inner maverick and conquer the globe.

Glenfiddich has a history of expansion mainly due to its constant drive to pioneer new territory, pioneering strategies that others imitate, and persistent “Where Next? ”. Mavericks are at the heart of the Where Next campaign; they are everyday individuals who bravely push themselves to build their own paths and make change even when the odds are stacked against them.

Being the Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the World says a lot about how much we continually push ourselves to improve. According to Brett Bayly, a regional brand ambassador for Glenfiddich in Southeast Asia, “We believe everyone contains this Maverick spirit, one that inspires them to always look at ways to better, aiming for the next level in their personal and professional progress.

The Where Next campaign, which is part of Glenfiddich’s effort to encourage the same spirit among Filipinos, aims to bring together Filipino Mavericks from all over the Philippines and give them a venue for collaboration.

Chosen to inspire our Filipino audiences with their breakthrough endeavors are these selected Mavericks corresponding to each value:

· Gil Bien, Cuboid (Bayanihan) – a Production Designer, Artist, and Innovator. With the Philippines being in the Pacific typhoon belt, Bien created a budget-friendly, easy-constructed, and typhoon-resilient housing for the challenged Filipino community.

· Ma. Leonelle De Leon – Sandoval, EveGrocer (Diskarte) – Founder of a startup that pushes sustainability in our day to day consumption as a solution to the rising global plastic problem.

· Reginald Phelps Laguna, Cleenvent (Aruga) – Chief Technology Officer of the startup that offers an energy-based technology to a common household challenge. In the long run, the team aims to offer a wider range of innovations for households that lead a sustainable, healthier, and better quality of life.

· Bernadette De Los Santos, Bidibidi Enterprises (Likha at Katha) – an Artist, Entrepreneur, Farmer, and environmentalist, who runs an enterprise that inspires women to break through the entrepreneurial scene by reliving a forgotten artform.

Last 15th of November 2020, The Where Next Club held a one-day gathering of selected Filipino Mavericks, members of the medium and influential figures to observe, discuss, and learn about the unwavering Filipino Maverick Spirit, articulated, and supported by Glenfiddich. Mentors from particular industries will facilitate the event:

· Isabel Cuevas – one of the pioneers and trustees of Gawad Kalinga, a global movement that transforms slums into peaceful and productive villages. She started as the youth coordinator in one of the first communities of GK, working with over 2,000 youth in the most troubled urban slums in Metro Manila

· Jet Yu – Founder and CEO of Prime Philippines, the fastest-growing commercial real estate advisory group, one of the first movers of the new Central Business District. Yu was one of the panelists and judges of the business reality show, Final Pitch.

· Benedict Mariategue – A young entrepreneur with several start-ups and partnerships up his sleeves, such as a coffee café, music school, and a production house.

The initiative will wrap up with a culminating event recognizing the top Maverick, whose idea is most sustainable, valuable, and groundbreaking to break into the world.

To access more information on Glenfiddich, follow Glenfiddich on its Instagram page (@glenfiddichsea).

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