The perfect fragrance for the romantic Chocolate man and the sophisticated Gold man are here- the Axe Dark Temptation & Axe Gold Temptation.


The Dark Temptation & Gold Temptation are the newest deodorant body sprays of Axe. These new products are sensual and simply irresistible. These will keep the body odour away that is caused due to sweating.

The Axe body sprays are packaged in a 150 ml can, promising to keep you fresh and clean for long hours.

One of my friends tried the  Axe Dark Temptation. The nice aroma of this body spray is so refreshing. I was really hooked on the smell of the Axe Dark (LOL). The chocolate flavour of this deodorant is sure to attract women and make them crave for it.

Which one are you grabbing, bro? Take your side now.

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