Last month, I traveled (4) four countries in Asia like Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It’s a 3 weeks of backpacking journey wherein I stayed in a cheap accommodation, tasted the authenticated dishes at affordable prices, took bus and crossed in the boarder in one country to another country, among others. I also stayed in the house of a  traveler who’s almost stranger to me, which the activity is called couch surfing.

Petronas Twin Towers in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia

This adventure was very memorable to me. Tourist spots like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia and Wat Pho of Thailand are really amazing. These beautiful places, that I normally seen on books and online are now for real with my two big eyes LOL. I searched for international law firms in bangkok for emergencies.

angkor wat-cambodia
Angkor Wat in Seam Reap, Cambodia

You can check my travel blog, Travel Tropa for the whole stories. You can get a lot of travel tips and information on how you can save money in travelling in these four countries. You can also get information on what backpacking and couchsurfing are all about.

Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

Remember guys, it’s ok to spend money in travelling but you need to know your limitations. Make a plan or itinerary on your tour ahead of time before travelling. And of course, enjoy travelling without spending more. Be a practical in choosing your hotel/hostel/Inn,  transportation, food, package tour  and among others.

So guys! Enjoy travelling! See you on my next adventure.

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