Rock star Bamboo Mañalac is on the flip cover of Men’s Health Philippines October 2012 issue.

Bamboo Mañalac  for Men's Health Philppines
Bamboo Mañalac for Men’s Health Philippines

Bamboo looks so “Astig” on black leather and shoes, paired with blue denim jeans.

The Guide To Style 2012 issue features “ The New Rules For Men”, “Suit Up for Success: Sharper, Slimmer, Smarter”, “Bag The Rockstar Swag: Bamboo shows you how”,  “4 Must have Carry Alls”, “The Art of Color Combination”, “The Right Shoes to Wear With Everything” and among others.

Men’s Health is a Fitness and Healthy magazine, now available in all leading bookstores, supermarkets and 711 nationwide.

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