Bea Binene is a multi-talented young artist that has a beautiful face with a heart. She has been successful in the showbiz industry for a couple of years so Bea Binene certainly proved her acting abilities. Aside from being actress and recording artist, Bea is now a certified film producer. Currently, she’s busy in promoting her self-produced and self-conceptualized film Fading Paradise.


Fading Paradise is an advocacy films that speaks to the heart. The film, which talks about the environment and climate change. It’s centered to a student filmmaker who uses the name “Paradisogirl” on Instagram and Youtube, where has a channel with lots of travel videos.


During the blogcon held in Pamana Restaurant Quezon City, Bea talked about on what to expect from Fading Film. She also shared to the bloggers that this film was her own concept and this was something everyone can relate to.

“Through this film, we hope to raise awareness on the state of our environment, particularly in relation to the country’s virgin islands,” said Bea



The majority of film scenes were shot in one of the hidden islands in Camarines Sur, Bicol. The island featured undeveloped beaches, rich marine biodiversity, beautiful natural structures and a community which was perfect location for the movie. Bea shared making this movie was a little bit challenging because of the location and time. At the end of the blog conference, Bea was very proud proudcing this film and she’s happy that the director, cast members and crews were easy to work with.


The movie stars include Krystal Reyes, Coleen Perez, Kenneth Paul Cruz, Mark Catillo and Angelo Serna, with special participation of Alma Morena.

Directed by Aurel Ayson, Fading Paradise will be showing in selected cinemas on different dates- Gateway Cinema on Oct.  20 at 1:30PM, Robinsons Galleria Cinema 7 on Oct. 24 at 3:30PM, and Quezon Museum Mini Theater on October 26 at 3PM

Watch Full Trailer below:

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