Last September 10, at Cafe 1771 El Pueblo Ortigas, Cheshire Que, RND, RD, RD, management consultant/ Us consultant introduced to the media and a group of bloggers the first online weight management program in the

My Spa Diet is an online weight management program in the country that emphasized a customized diet plan fit for a person’s lifestyle. Collaborating with registered nutritionist-dietitians, it provides a holistic approach on personalized way to meet nutrition needs while losing weight. The diet plan includes life giving foods, teaches smart eating habits and applicable exercise guidelines that considers four phrases, pretty much the same concept of a spa: cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, and balance.

Spa Diet is also a unique and more personal approach to lose weight without causing a drastic change to your food selection. It first considers a lot of aspects about your body by assessing your Body Mass Index (BMI), lifestyle, and eating patterns. It is also a set of customized meal plans that largely depends on your Total Caloric Allowance (TCA) per day.

Cheshire Que, RND, RN,  RN (wearing white blouse and green skirt) of  My Spa Diet and Mary Grace d.R. dela Rosa, MBA of Easy Pha-max

Nowadays, being sexy is not just having a good shape or perfect body figure. You must be healthy as well. “Felling sexy is not only about a shapely figure, but being healthy inside and out. That’s why we always encourage taking care of your body and it’s never too late to kick start an improved and healthier lifestyle” Cheshire advices.

By simply subscribing at $11.99 or about Php 500 monthly at My Spa Diet, it teaches clients to incorporate practical tips for gradual and sustainable weight loss that curbs for high-fat and high-sugar foods. By assessing the health status and calculating the body mass index (BMI) of a person, the subscriber will be guided with the correct serving for four weeks with several menu options that is just enough for a person’s daily recommended caloric intake.  What’s more, this online diet plan teaches the art of portion control while letting the patient ejoy a variety of food whether at home or at a swanky restaurant with friends. Another practical tool is the food wheel which shows the number of healthy and delicious food choices. Planning meals are made easier with the online grocery list.

To know more about My Spa Diet, contact lifestyle and weight management consultant/ US registered dietitian Cheshire Que RND, RN, RD. For appointment, text or call 0916- 2743944 or email . Check out as well or

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