The Bench billboards featured the 7 members of the national rugby team, Philippine Volcanoes, posing in their underwear along the congested Edsa  are really eye-catching and traffic-stopping.

According to news, Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos is asking advertisers to take down the billboard of the Philippine Volcanoes along EDSA-Guadalupe. He also said that the advertisement was inappropriate, especially since it was placed prominently along a busy area. He added that he was especially concerned about children who see the ad.

Among the Pinoy rugby players featured in the billboard are Fil-Chinese Daaran Seeto, Fil-Aussies Francisco Bagis Guerra IV,Fil-New Zealander Arnold Aninion, , Chris Alamil Everingham, Oliver Joseph Abalos Saunders, Jake Robrigado Letts, Michael De Guzman, Ned Plarizan Stephenson and Nicholas Ergina Perry.

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