Buzz Yourself In: The most affordable smart home devices in 2019

How many of us wished, when we were kids, to live in a home with nifty machines and robots at our beck and call? Nowadays that dream is closer to becoming a reality with the advent of smart home technology. Fortunately, a home wherein anything can be done at the touch of a button need not come with a hefty price tag. There are plenty of devices available for a hundred dollars or less that will help you bring your home into the 21 st century and beyond!

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3 rd Gen)

A popular device for a smart home on a budget is the Amazon Echo Dot. The 3rd generation model of this speaker system has a sleeker build and is more user-friendly than ever. Now you can simply tell Alexa to check the weather, order some takeout, or simply play your favorite tunes. The Echo Dot is available for just $29.99 on Amazon.

2. Google Home Mini

Is your device using Google Assistant? Then consider adding the Google Home Mini to your smart home system. This cute speaker comes in cool color selections, and delivers quality sound from a non-obtrusive interface. The Google Home Mini is available at Macy’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond for
only $29.99.

3. AUKEY Wi-Fi Smart Plug (2 Pack)

A smart plug is an easy way to start off a smart home: just plug in your device of choice, and you’re good to go! The AUKEY Wi-FI Smart Plug can interface with Alexa and Google Assistant, and is compatible with a wide range of phones and other devices. The 2 Pack deal also helps you get more
bang for your buck. Order the AUKEY Wi-Fi Smart Plug from Amazon for just $27.99.

4. Philips Hue White Starter Kit

Gone are the days of fumbling for the light switch! From your phone, you can control the dimness
and even the colors of the lights in your home, thanks to the new smart bulbs. The Philips Hue White Starter Kit is a great way to start off your smart home journey, especially with its wide range of smart home systems it can interface with. Although there are fewer options compared to other
smart light bulb kits, it is an environmentally friendly way to begin setting up a smart light system. This kit is available from NewEgg for only $73.99.

5. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Too many devices in one home? The Samsung SmartThings Hub is there to help you sort out and coordinate all your smart home gadgets. This hub not only helps connect various smart home devices, but also can be used to rig up whole rooms with custom light, sound, and window settings. The Samsung SmartThings Hub can be controlled also from your own wi-fi router. This latest model is available at Amazon for $79.99.

6. Wyze Cam Pan Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

Help keep your smart home secure with a proper security camera system from The Wyze Cam Pan security camera is designed to best interface with the Alexa system. It also offers a 360-degree view of the vicinity and can be set up to send alerts to your phone. This indoor camera system (click to read here) is available for $37.98 at Amazon. Some security devices like CCTV cameras can be connected via smart home systems, which is explained online in detail.

7. Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote

Enhance your next marathon of your favorite TV series with this nifty TV stick. The Fire TV Stick 4k is designed to work with Alexa. It helps you readily access several providers such as Netflix and Hulu, all from the convenience of your favorite seat. The Fire TV stick is available at Amazon for only $49.99.

The best part about having a smart home is that the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do to make your home truly suited for your needs. At the touch of a button you can make your home go from cozy to party, from day to night, from entertainment center to personal refuge, and more. We hope that these gadgets will be a great base for your smart home journey, and help you discover what else you can do from your phone.

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