Are you ready for the Central BBQ Boy Grill’s “Bottomless Summer”?

Drink all You Can! Beers and Cocktails on May 25 at the Emilia, Makati; May 26 at the Malugay, Makati and June 1 Sheridan, Angeles.

Central BBQ Boy Grill


Pinoy Manila’s favorite to drink is the Soco Shake Slammer. I really like the taste of the combination of chocolate, coffee, milk and vodca. It’s just like milo shake with a bit taste of alcohol. I also like the Badtrip – the color- green cocktail that looks like typical juice. (Beware! Traydor toh mga TOL! lols)

You can also try Bad Boy, Bad Girl, Soco Loco and Pyramid shots. I’m sure you will love it all. They are not just preparing “ASTIG” drinks, they also offer delicious “Pulutan”

Other branch of Central BBQ Boy Grill is located near in Boni Ave. (MRT station) Mandaluyong City.

For more information on  Central Bar’s “Bottomless Summer” ticket and their drinks and its prices, visit their Facebook Page

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