Who would say hotdog is just for kids? Everyone loves hotdogs. Count me in as a hotdog fan and I really love hotdogs, especially during breakfast. Frying them on a low heat pan, boiling, or grilling as a BBQ are some ways in preparing your hotdogs, I eat it almost every day, and if you ask why, I’ll say it’s easy to prepare/cook and taste delicious. It’s really yummy. I can’t resist the urge to eat one when I see a hotdog cart. Hugged by a bun, covered in ketchup, mustard, cheeze. …. my mouth is watering.

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Nowadays, it’s easy to find healthy options for almost every kind of junk food favorite. In the past, hotdogs have seen as unhealthy, fat, and cholesterol. But now, I found a hotdog that will surely love by health- conscious individuals. Century Tuna introduces Healthylicious Hotdog- the first meat hotdog in the market that combines the delicious taste of our all-time favorite hotdog with the health goodness of tuna.

Aljur Abrenica and Phoemela Baranda @ Century Tuna event by marco adventure

                                                                                   Aljur Abrenica and Phoemela Baranda @ Century Tuna event

Last May 18, 2011, Century Tuna launched their new hotdog product at Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta 4.  The program was hosted by the very sexy and gorgeous Tv personality/host, Phomela Baranda. On the other hand, Greg H. Banzon, vice president and general manager of Century Canning Corporation explained why they came up with such a fresh product concept. Around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Phoemela called the newest endorser of Century Tuna and now the Century Tuna Hotdog celebrity endorser, Aljur Abrenica. Everyone was yelling and startruck when they saw Aljur on the stage. With his good looks, sexy body and acting skills, Aljur Albrenica is perfectly endorser of the Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog. He’s really a certified inspirations of young individuals of his generation for his healthy lifestyle choices.
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Century Tuna Hotdog has the same delicious taste we’ve always loved while providing a good source of  protein. Because it’s made by Century Tuna, you can be sure of  its healthy-giving benefits: Omega 3 DHA to help you get in fit. It also 0% trans fat and has no beef or pork content to aid in achieving a fit and healthy body.
Century Tuna introduces Healthylicious Hotdog_photo 1 by marco adventure

Just like Aljur, you can now have your hotdog the healthy way with the Hotdog-Sarap, Tuna-Healthy Century Tuna Healthylicous Hotdog. Buy it now to the nearest supermarket and groceries on you.

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