On the 18th anniversary of Quezon’s Day Care Workers, Coca-Cola Philippines, in cooperation of Governor David Suarez formally introduced the “Nutirjuice Program Season 2,” at the Quezon Convention Center in Lucena, Quezon last August 24, 2011.

Nutirijuice Program is one of Coca-Cola’s corporate social responsibilities by distributing healthy juices in selected schools in rural and urban areas in Quezon Province. Nutrijuice, a product manufactured by Coca-Cola which is an orange drink fortified with iron, zinc, lysine, andVit. A and C. that aims to help reduce incidence of iron-deficiency anemia among students

Under the program, 10 000 elementary students in selected schools in the Quezon Province will get a daily pack of Nutri-Juice for 120 days.

Coca-Cola Vice President Jose Bayani Baylon was joined  the event to announced that they will continue the commitment to support the advocacy that every Filipino child should have a proper education and nutrition.

One of the highlights of event was the awarding of an artwork made from the Nutrijuice packs. Filipino’s are really creative and innovative. From a simple pack, they are able to create umbrella, lantern, bags and so much more.

It’s a good thing to know that there are still companies like Coca-Cola who continued support to provide a quality education and proper nutrition for Filipino youth. I salute Coke for that!

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