Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love) is a 2010 Thai romantic-comedy film and became blockbuster hits not only in Thailand but also around the asia. I know it’s kind of too late for me to post my blog about this movie, but it seems, First love Fever is still going on. Let me give you the synopsis of the movie.

The story is centered on a dark-skinned, ugly sophomore girl named Nam (Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) who is secretly in love with heartthrob senior guy named Shone(Mario Maurer). Nam is very simple, talented and funny girl. She has an average and plain looking girlfriends with looks are almost the same with her. She wears nerdy–eye glass and braces. And of one her ultimate dreams is to have her ultimate crush, Shone.

Shone is a photography enthusiast. He becomes very popular in school because of its good looks- a heartthrob material. He also loves to play soccer but he refuses to joined school soccer’s team and is often teased by other students because of his father’s failure to score the penalty kick which made their province lose in a national football cup.

From ugly duckling, Nam becomes a beautiful swan. With the help of her girlfriends, she is able to achieve the beautiful face and sexy body. Everyone is amaze from her transformations. She inspires to make herself beautiful and to be top on her class because of her love to Shone.

After her transformations, many guys in the campus express interest in her including Shone’s best friend, Top Top. They use to do dating but Nam still hooks with Shone. Later on, Nam rejected Top Top.

To become top of the class, Nam is rewarded of her dad to visit him in USA. But before her flight going to USA, she reveals to Shone how much she loves him. However, her heart was broken upon seeing Shone‘s shirt stating Shone and Pin (Nam’s enemy in school) are in a relationship.

The night before Nam leaves the country, Shone leaves a scrapbook with pictures and story of Nam on her doorstep, revealing that he has been secretly in love with Nam since she was not yet that beautiful lady.

Nine years later, Nam and Shone guest on a television talk show that reveals both of them have the same feeling to each other and waiting for one another.

My Review

I really like the story because it inspires everyone specially the young generations to achieve their goal in a crazy little thing called LOVE. I’m not saying literally to do crazy things just for LOVE, but what I mean that we can use LOVE (like puppy love) as our inspirations- something that will help us to achieve our dreams. The story is very simple yet gives a powerful impact to everyone. Maybe some of us relate on the story or perhaps we reminisce our high school crush and puppy love thing after watching it. Lol Highly recommended. You better watch this film.

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