Dell recently announced that it has joined the advocacy of Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) to help close the learning gap among underserved children. CJFI will receive a Dell Powering the Possible grant that will facilitate its aim to empower youth through education and computer literacy.

Reine Tagupa (Deputy of operations CJFI), Rose Dimagnaong (Exec. Dir. CJFI), Richard Teo (Pres., Dell Ph), Donna Grande (HR Dir.,Dell Ph), Chris Papa (Country Mngr. Dell Ph)
Reine Tagupa (Deputy of operations CJFI), Rose Dimagnaong (Exec. Dir. CJFI), Richard Teo (Pres., Dell Ph), Donna Grande (HR Dir.,Dell Ph), Chris Papa (Country Mngr. Dell Ph)

CJFI assists neglected, abandoned and surrendered children and youth in seven children’s residential centers and several communities across the country. The foundation supports these underserved children through educational assistance such as the ‘Empowering Children and Youth through Computer Literacy’ program. This program provides the beneficiaries with the opportunity to increase their familiarity and learning ability in information technology through formal and informal activities.

The grant will enable CJFI to set-up computer labs with Dell desktops to provide basic computer literacy and other digital applications classes to at least 1,210 children and youth sheltered at the Children’s Joy Residential Centers, as well as from the marginalized communities served by the foundation through its outreach program.

Chris Papa (Country Mngr. Dell Ph), Richard Teo (Pres. Dell Ph), Rose Dimagnaong (Exec. Dir., CJFI), Donna Grande (HR Dir. Dell Ph), Reine Tagupa (Deputy of Operations, CJFI)

Earlier this year, Dell awarded a grant to Childhope Asia Philippines (CHAP) through the Powering the Possible program.

“The Children’s Joy Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dell Philippines for choosing us to be a recipient of the Dell Powering the Possible grant. It will allow us to set-up two computer laboratories that will benefit 1,210 children and youth in Metro Manila and Davao City. The program can provide them with computer skills that would help them find a job in the future.”
Rose Dimagnaong, executive director, Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.

“We are proud to be able to partner with Children’s Joy Foundation to support its efforts to empower youth through computer literacy. This program will focus on providing opportunities to youth in marginalized communities who have the eagerness, interest and aptitude but are limited by circumstances and resources to fulfill their passions. We have set up a few computer labs at CJFI centers in the Philippines and Quezon City is just one of them. We expect to bring the benefits of the program to even more children over time. Our strategic Dell Giving program targets foundations focused on youth learning, children pediatric cancer, disaster relief and social entrepreneurship. Dell contributes one percent of its after-tax profits to non-profit organizations doing work in the communities where our employees and customers live and work.”
Richard Teo, president, Dell Philippines

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