Pinoymanila once again visited one of the Consumer’s Outstanding Surgical and Skin Care Centers in the Philippines, Diana Stalder By Dermaline.

Since I started blogging and attending events, I used to go to a skin clinic once or twice a month…depends on my busy schedule lol. I wanted to look good in front of the celebrities, bosses of different business organizations, bloggers and among others.

I recently had facial and diamond peel in Diana Stalder, Cubao Branch. A beautiful lady assisted me inside the clinic. The first part of Facial is cleaning. I really love this part because the skin specialist will clean and massage my face. It also involves steaming, exfoliating and facial mask. The rounding of the fingers on my forehead, cheek, chin, nose and below of ears gave me full relaxation. I felt so sleepy that time.

The second part of the treatment was the Pricking. I’m really afraid on pricking because this was the painful part of facial. Probably, all of you would agree on that. But….I really need to do this part because if the white and black heads will not remove on my face, it will become pimples.And I don’t like it to grow on my face. The good thing, Ate Gean- the skin specialist, was so kind to me. She was very gentle doing the procedure. She always asked me if I’m still OK…I just say OK even I really want to cry due to pain. Actually the procedure is tolerable…but it still really hurts.

The last part was the Diamond Peel. This is the part wherein it uses wand with a diamond tip that propels crystal flow to the skin and also vacuums away the dirt and dead skin cells. The procedure a bit tickled my skin. You know what, you will really feel that the wand vacuumed the dirt.

After the treatment, I feel my skin feels softer and smoother.Thanks to Diana Stalder and to Ate Gean.

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