Brittany Corporation’s latest estate in Santa Rosa, Pontevedra Estate, offers a unique blend of modern and classic design that perfectly captures the essence of comfortable living. The 34-hectare estate was inspired by a small city in Spain that combines history, culture, and style, creating an atmosphere of charm and sophistication.

The estate’s design is characterized by its mission-style architecture, which is well-suited to the contemporary part of the city’s locale, climate, and lifestyle. It features elemental materials like warm rubble and cut stone, carved wood accents, and earthy terracotta roof tiles, as well as design elements like soft arches, outdoor patios, and stone terraces.

Parks, tree-lined avenues, fountains and gardens, establishments with coats of arms on their façades, squares that are full of life, and pavement cafés with a lively atmosphere punctuate the interlinked streets while the commercial district’s gleaning stone-and-glass buildings are dripping with potted greenery, making it more environmentally integrated when you stroll along the streets.

Pontevedra encourages future residents to explore its different districts on foot, strolling and enjoying every corner of the estate. Each district has its character and personality, full of life, passion, creativity, and joy.

Aveiro by Pontevedra: Mesmerizing Ambiance

Pontevedra has a soon-to-rise exclusive high-rise vertical village set to deliver the best in luxury living through spaces embedded with nature and architecture.

Imagine waking up to the tweeting of birds, the sound of human voices, and the tinkle of coffee spoons, Aveiro by Pontevedra has pocket gardens peppered between private spaces throughout the building and private balconies wrapped around the building’s exterior.

Viento by Pontevedra: Land of Picturesque Patios

Dotting the horizon of Sta. Rosa, Laguna is Viento by Pontevedra, a series of low- and mid-rise residential buildings amidst open courtyards and landscaped gardens, enabling the internal spaces always to stay open, letting the wind through and affecting natural ventilation.

Viento will provide a space to gather, interact, and enjoy a unique experience with unrivaled views.

Vizcino by Pontevedra: Near and Neighboring Communities

With the rise of modern infrastructure and property developments, Santa Rosa City in Laguna has become a growing urbanized region, now home to various industries. It has a lot to offer in terms of commercial and retail businesses.

Vizcino by Pontevedra brings to life a surrounding neighborhood that offers many shopping opportunities, restaurants, retail spaces, and office buildings.

Envisioned to be the estate’s growth center, Vizcino will feature generously sized commercial areas for business and investment that will be complemented by residential communities and transport hubs that will cultivate a dynamic environment for ventures and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Valenza: A Mix of Modernity and History

Unique for such a busy city, Valenza is Pontevedra’s 22-hectare residential community, which includes access to a quaint semi-enclosed garden that offers moments of peace away from the vibrant city that surrounds it. Valenza features an impressive array of homes amidst a charming neighborhood, with amenities such as a pool, pocket gardens, and a basketball court, offering families the luxury of living in a serene and secure community while still having access to the comforts of the metro.

Segovia: Great Food, Great Memories

Seeking to convey a sense of the city’s urban life within one smart vertical concept, Segovia is a mixed-use project that combines condominiums, offices, and restaurants, all of which contribute to a “live, work, play” lifestyle.

Located within the Pontevedra estate, a few blocks from Ramblas, Segovia has modern city views, but the decor pays homage to classical Spanish design. Segovia offers future residents the perfect retreat with a sense of rustic luxury. Huesca: Gateway to the City Enjoying a fabulous location in the charming Pontevedra estate, Huesca is a residential building full of nature, magic, and contrasts that are well worth a stroll.

A string of buildings that follows one after the other, Huesca is another charmer, considered the gateway to the city, with promenades.

The Iconic Strips

Pontevedra’s pedestrian and quiet streets invite future residents to go shopping while strolling and enjoying the local commerce of proximity. These iconic strips feature a comfortable, green, friendly cultural promenade with more pedestrian space. A wide array of luxurious shops and places full of charm offer residents and guests a warm welcome.

Ramblas: Where the Party Never Ends

In a relatively small and comfortable radius at Ramblas, one will find every option possible to enjoy life more – a strip of quaint and quiet cafes to start the night, unique restaurant concepts, and after-hours.

La Unidad: The Green Street

Lining Pontevedra’s different districts is La Unidad, a kilometer line of parks running from Viento to Aveiro, and connecting the estate’s waterways via landscaped footpaths and water features.

Pontevedra Estate is a unique blend of modern and classic design that offers an intimate community where everything is just a step away. It invites one to walk through its most emblematic squares, feel the atmosphere of its streets, taste its delicious gastronomy, and discover its character by exploring its unique and personalized community.

Experience the personalized charm of Pontevedra Estate and indulge in the beauty of mixed-use development where old meets new luxury.

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