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Dragon Chef offers outstanding Chinese dishes in the heart of Quezon City specifically in Trinoma Mall.

Chef Dragon was formed through by restaurateur Ricky Laudico and Chef Florabel Co-Yatco .The restaurants’ interior design was inspired by restaurant in Shanghai. You can see photos of Shanghai ladies posted on the ceiling of the resto. The ambience is very relaxing and appealing on eyes.

Pinoy Manila was invited on a bloggers event to experience the Chinese cuisine offered by Dragon Chef. While waiting on their special dish, they asked me to choose between Lychee Green Tea or Red Citrus Ice tea for my beverage. Since I love Lychee, I chose the Lychee Green Tea. The juice has floating bits of pomelo. It’s so refreshing to drink.

Quarry Bay
Har Gao

Dragon Chef offers large portions of delicious Shanghai dishes. They have Xiao Long Bao, Quarry Bay (or pork siomai with edamame) and Har Gao (or shrimp dumplings). They served these tasteful dimsums on our table. I must say, it has exquisite taste compare with other local dimsum.

If we have Pinoy calamari, they have Manchurian Calamari. What I like on this calamari, it’s a bit spicy and has own unique sauce.

I’m not a vegetarian but I really love fruits and vegetables. Dragon Chef’s Nirvana Salad is must try dish to order. It has fresh vegetables, fruits, walnuts, tofu, and sesame dressing . What a great combination…….

Lechon Macau and Wan Chai Pork Asado
Emperor Wenzong
Pork Belly

Of course, Sweet and Sour Pork should be on the list when you are in a Chinese restaurant. You must also try the Wan Chai Pork Asado and Lechon Macau. Actually these are my favourite Chinese food. I also like the crispy Emperor Wenzong. It’s really YUMMY!


Lastly, Dragon Chef served the a exceptional Snowballs. It looks like butchi but it’s different. It is soft lo mai chi  with various fillings inside. It’s kinda sticky but I’m sure you will enjoy chewing this desert.

Pinoy Manila at Dragon Chef

Dragon Chef truly serves a Hearty and Hip Chinese Cuisine. Try for yourself why Pinoy Manila is craving for Dragon Chef‘s Chinese dishes.

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