The Cabal Online will celebrate its 3rd year anniversary –CABAL R3LOADED on July 7 2001 at Sm North (ANNEX) Cyberzone , Quezon City.

Get ready on the exciting events, tournaments and awesome prizes to be given away!

Here are the tournaments:

  • 6V6 Supreme Showdown
  • The King of Combo
  • Dungeon Legends Live — Altar of Siena B1F & Streamer Crazy
  • Last Babe Standing

Each member  of the Winning team  of the 6V6 Supreme Showdown will win 1,000 EP Card, Mithril Weapon of Choice [36/72 CDI in total] – (Character-Bound), 60 Day +8 Epaulet of Choice , [Unique] Mercenary card of choice (Snowman, Couple Snowman, Freed, Yuan, Black Bard or Arionnel), Slot Extender High (Account-Bound)

For the King of combo tourney,  1st Place will receive  1000 EP card, Pet Slot Extender (60D), [Unique] Mercenary Card of Choice (Snowman, Couple Snowman), Permanent Costume of Choice,Slot Extender High.  Second Place will get  Permanent Costume of Choice, 30-D Level Booster or Warlord Service, 30-D Blessing Bead Plus.  The 3rd placer will  be awarded a Level Booster or Warlord [30D] and  30-D Blessing Bead Plus

For the Dungeon Legends Live tourney,  1s place will get  1,000 EP Card, Slot Extender (High) 1ea,Pet Slot Extender [60D], [Unique] Mercenary Card of Choice (Snowman, Couple Snowman), Permanent Costume of Choice

2nd place gets  Level Booster or Warlord [30D], Pet Slot Extender [60D] while 3rd Place gets Level Booster or Warlord [30D]

For the Last Babe Standing,  the prizes are just awesome!  1,000 EP card, Mithril Weapon of Choice [with 36/72 total CDI] (Character-Bound), [Unique] Mercenary of Choice – [Snowman, Couple Snowman, Arionnel, Freed, Black Bard, Yuan], +8 Epaulet of Choice – 30Day!

For more on the mechanics, visit the CABAL web site or click here

But there’s more!  There will be a ton of offline activities! Check it out!

  • Bring your CABAL Artwork
  • R3Loaded CABAL Idol
  • CABAL Live Doodle
  • Search for the Best Guild Shirt
  • Search for the Best Guild Banner
  • SA PROC, SA CAPS Categories Game
  • Mr and Ms. Nevareth

That’s not the end of it! CABAL Online will award the Top CABAL Guilds and give away CABAL Early Bird Vouchers plus it will also host the CABAL Cosplay Contest! Check out the mechanics here

There will be more awesome announcements in the coming days so stick around!

For more information, visit the CABAL Online site at

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