When I started to work at home, most of my transactions are through online. Paying bills, online shopping, money transfer and even my pay-out are all just a click away. Because of this, my life and work become easy and quick.

Speaking of money transfer, do you know that your funds can be transfer in just text away?

Yes you heard right!

With GCASH, UnionBank eMoney Xchange service, you can transfer funds from your UnionBank account to your Globe GCASH wallet or the other way around via SMS!

G-XChange, Inc. (GXI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom and operator of the pioneering m-commerce service GCASH, has entered into a partnership agreement with UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank) for a service that will enable customers to link their UnionBank accounts to their GCASH mobile wallets.

The UnionBank-GCash partnership for eMoney Xchange is a service that enables Unionbank clients with EON, E-wallet, ePayCard and UnionBank regular savings and checking accounts to transfer funds to and from their GCASH wallets through their Unionbank account via SMS. This service is an additional feature to Unionbanks’s Globe Mobile Banking Faility.

“With eMoney Xchange, we are helping our customers manage their money better by providing them smarter banking solutions. In addition, we are opening up more possibilities for our customers to further engage in online opportunities like online business, shopping and sending remittance. This partnership with GCASH will also cultivate new customer relationships and strengthen existing connections.” said Ramon G. Duarte, Senior Vice President of Retail Product Development of UnionBank.

UnionBank’s award-winning EON Visa Debit Card is popularly used as a payment facility of online entrepreneurs and avid online shoppers. According to checkissuing.com, GCASH on the other hand, is becoming one of the most popular modes of payment for online shopping, gaming and payment sites here in the Philippines and even abroad.

“With the new service, we again offer our subscribers easier and better ways to top-up their GCASH mobile wallets,” said Paolo Balatao, president of GXI, “eMoney Xchange further demonstrates GCASH’s capability to bring together trends in technology with business, backed up by a reliable financial platform trusted by the banking sector.”

To avail of the eMoney Xchange service, customers simply have to call the UnionBank Customer Service at 84-186 to register their Globe mobile number and nominated UnionBank account. After activating the service, customers are now able to cash-out their GCASH funds by texting in G2U space to 2318, top-up their GCASH funds by texting U2G space to 2318, and inquire for their available UnionBank balance by texting in BAL to 2318.

For more information about eMoney XChange, visit www.unionbankph.com and to know more about GCASH , go to www.globe.com.ph/gcash

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