How sure you are getting the right projector? Is it worth to pay more for a projector with high white lumens? I know there are so many projectors feature powerful specifications available in the market. Somehow we are tend to confuse which is the best projector brand provide affordable yet quality products.


Recently, Epson Philippines gathered the press people in a Media Technology Briefing to discuss the importance of the projector color brightness. This briefing aimed to drive public awareness on a global metric that could help customers get the most out of projectors they plan to buy.


We are using projectors in our business or work, school and home. When we present our work or school presentations (power point) or probably watching video/movie in our home, most of the time we’re thinking the projector we are using is producing quality outputs. But we didn’t notice if the brand really provides the right image resolution.


During the technology briefing, Epson discussed the importance of how the color brightness performance of a projector can maximize customer enjoyment of color-rich content now more easily accessible to home, commercial, business, and education sectors. Color Brightness is critically important because color is a crucial component of picture quality.

Projectors have always had their brightness rated for white light. However, they may have a very different color brightness levels.

Projector brightness is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens: the higher the lumens level, the brighter the projector. Most of the projectors now have high white lumens but the color lumens are low. This is one of the factors consumers need to know and consider when buying a projector. The color brightness have the big impact on the quality of the images reflect from the projector.

Most of the projectors use also LCD and DLP technology. Both can be used for any application and give good results. Compare with the LDP, the LCD gives sharper and brighter outputs.


Epson is among the pioneers in the industry which adopted the new Color Light Output metric in communicating the performance of its projectors. The company’s proprietary 3LCD technology ensures that all Epson projectors provide the same level of brightness in white and color measured in lumens. Prior to the publication of the CLO color metric, the data projector market and customers had to contend with the lack of a color metric to evaluate a projector’s performance.



After the discussing the importance of the color brightness, EPSON showed an actual Epson projector and other projector brand. We saw differences of each projector when it comes to image colors. The featured projectors have the same level of white lumens but different level of color lumens. Epson produced bright, vibrant colors and true-to-life images while other projector brand  made the images color darker.  It really shows Epson provides the  same level of Color Brightness and White Brightness.

Tips for Customers: How to Find a Projector’s Color Brightness

  1. Look for separate color brightness specification and white brightness specification.
  2. Be vigilant! Many manufacturers may not want you to know their projectors are only 1/3 as bright when measuring color.
  3. Compare for yourself – If the Color Brightness measurement is not provided, or if you are curious to know the color brightness rating of a projector you already own, go to Hundreds of projector models have been independently tested.

If you’re planning to buy a projector, don’t focus on white lumens, check the color lumens as well.  The well-designed projector should produce the same level of illumination for a full-color image as a pure-white image. Look for the projector that provide same level of Color Brightness and White Brightness.

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