Euroo introduces a compact bar multimedia speaker- the EMS 4000.

Euroo EMS 4000

The portable speaker dimension is 204 x 31 x 26mm that offers crisp and clear sound with 1 Watt x 2 (RMS). The device is dedicated for PC, Mac, laptop and netbook because it will work only on a device with USB port. It comes with 2 colours, the brushed metal black and brushed metal silver.

I tried to use the EMS 4000 on my Samsung laptop. I really like this portable speaker because it is very light and it’s just almost size of your palm. It is a compact design device that fits in my carry-on-bag/backpack or any suite case. The speaker has cool stand to positioned it either vertically or horizontally. When it comes to the sounds…it really sounds good. There’s no static or crack sounds. You will really feel the quality of the music.

The EMS 4000 is the best combination of sound quality and small size speaker. For the price of Php 829 , it is light but it doesn’t gives a light performances.

Euroo EMS-4000 Multimedia Speaker SPECS and PRICE:

1 Watt x 2 (RMS)
USB Power 5V
USB Powered
USB Audio
Works with MacBook, PC, Laptop, Netbook
Available in  black and silver color
Price: Php 829

offers crisp and clear sound
very light (very portable)

only works for device that has usb port
bass distorts slightly at high volumes (actually super slightly)

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