One way of hitting the apps or icon on a tablet or ipad is through the use of stylus.It’s more precise and comfortable to use a stylus especially if your doing drawing, sketching or just writing a simple note on a touch screen device.

Euroo EPS-100 Stylus Pen

Pinoy Manila’s featured product for the day is the Euroo EPS-100 stylus pen. A 2 in 1 pen and stylus especially designed for touch screen devices. It is compatible for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Tablet PC and Smartphones.

The stylus pen is a compact design that feels the maximum comfort and accuracy. This is a soft touch pen wherein it easily hits the apps or icon on the screen of the devices. Actually this is the best for capacitive touch screen devices.

Since the EPS- 100 is a dual-purpose stylus, use it as stylus for your touch screen devices and use it as a pen for your office/school paper works. (multi-tasking right?) I really like the design of the pen because it really looks elegant. You can bring it anywhere you go. The weight and length of a pen is proportional to tablet and ipad. It is not hard to tap the apps or write on the screen.

For the price of Php 449, Euroo EPS-100 stylus pen is an ultra-light weight capacitive-screen stylus that is perfect for your ipad and tablet.

Euroo EPS-100 SPECS and PRICE:

Length : 126mm
Diameter: 9mm
Weight : 20g
Ballpoint pen: 1mm
Slim Design
Twist for Ball Pen
Touch stylus compatible for iphone/Ipad & smartphones
Price: Php 449


2 in 1 pen and stylus
Keeps your devices screen free from fingerprints
Soft touch

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