Last Sunday at Impressca Quezon City, Bunny from ABS-CBN’s hit reality star search “Pinoy Dream Academy is back to releases her new self-entitled album.

Ex-PDA scholar considers as the country’s ultimate glam punk, pop rock artist returns to have new album “Bunny”. The album is a combination of grainy rock and hippie pop genres in one sexy music collection that men must check out.

“The songs talk about me and the various stages of my life. The lyrics of my carrier single ‘FYI’ really happened to me. Before I met Chivas [her real-life sweetheart], I was not really looking for a guy. I was content with my family, friends and school. I guess love really finds you when you’re least expecting it—not when you’re actively looking for it. We all go through a phase when we are just happy with what we have,” Bunny shared.

This fascinating artist was actually discovered by top European/American producers Jaye Muller and Ben Patton through Youtube. It was Bunny’s uploaded PDA performance that enthralled these producers’ venture into an exciting glam rock project.

“We didn’t ‘package’ Bunny at all, that’s just how she is. She is a born rock-star with her own real-life sexiness and attitude, and at the same time, she’s funny and sweet. We just tried to write the songs that represent the way she really is. That’s the album concept which is also an introduction to Bunny,” said Muller.

Producers Muller and Patton also believe that Bunny is like no other in the country—who can be both “gritty and glamorous” at the same time. “In the Philippines , usually, the rock bands are gritty and the pop singers are glamorous. But Bunny is both,” they added.

Featured in Bunny’s album is an amazing duet with his real-life sweetheart Chivas Malunda entitled “Mad Lover.” Unlike the traditional attack to cheesy love songs, which is often mellow and sweet, the song depicts a story of lovers, who are both wild and crazy.

“We wanted to write a duet for Bunny and Chivas, but they are both rockers and so we knew it couldn’t be a cheesy old fashioned love song. Instead, we wrote ‘Mad Lover,’” the producer said.

The songs are by Muller and Patton while the lyrics are from Ben Patton. They have been behind two of KC Concepcion’s songs including her carrier single “Not Like The Movies” and “After The End”. They also did Nikki Gil’s “Last Love” and the entire album of Kelsey Adams from Cebu .

“‘What I Meant’ is my favorite among the tracks of my album. I could actually relate well with it because whenever I fall in love, I’m always in denial and afraid of opening up. So, I would say I show and verbalize the opposite of how I really feel,” Bunny revealed.

Now that Bunny really does well in her singing career, she would like to venture on other endeavors such as acting and modeling. “As a singer, I know I can act too, as I always internalize and give life to each song I perform. As you can see, I enjoy dressing up and fixing myself, so I’d like to get into modeling too. But I owe all these to my talent in music. I will not be discovered by Jaye if not for Pinoy Dream Academy .”

“Bunny”, which is officially manufactured and distributed by Polyeast Records is now available in leading record bars nationwide. For more information, log on to

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