Expanding Possibilities

It’s easier to take, record, and “publish” pictures today than perhaps in all of modern human history. Even if all you have is one smartphone and the interior of your home, you can get some astonishing pictures. Following are a few ideas to help you maximize what you have where you are.

1. Using Technology To Catch Interesting Images

Technology advances in lighting and photography have opened up new potential for photographers both new and established. LED lighting can be controlled with a smartphone. You can design your own photography studio in the basement for just a few hundred dollars.

You can get various vinyl backdrops from Denny Manufacturing, then use any number of LED lights optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) utility to properly illuminate them. Smartphones can simultaneously act as the control board for your lighting, and the filtering mechanism you use to augment photos. You can simulate depth-of-field focus, expand on or subtract from captured lighting, experiment with varying shape and coloring “filters”, and much more.

Even if you don’t have LED lighting, a backdrop can provide you a lot of utility. You can simulate a green screen and make the storage room in your basement into an independent film studio. Provided you’ve got imagination, there are all kinds of amazing pictures you can capture.

2. Finding The Beauty In Your Own Home

There is always something interesting to capture with a camera in your home. How is your house decorated? You might decorate it different ways, take pictures, and figure out which you like the best. Additionally, such interior design may be worthwhile for other reasons. You could have a skill worth creating internet income from.

Instagram is making people rich in surprising numbers. Blogs also benefit from a visual element, and there are photographic content platforms that need images of varying kinds for varying reasons. Using your own home and grounds as a personal sort of creator studio can provide you a plethora of excellent photos.

3. Playing With Light

You don’t have to have expensive equipment and physical filters to play with light. Whether you’ve got a traditional analogue rig, or you’re using a digital solution like those available on most smartphones, you can find some rather interesting pictures just by putting transparent media before whatever photo lens you use.

A prism bends light. So does a glass sphere—a crystal ball, essentially. Taking pictures through such media can provide some rather interesting results. You can also use Vaseline or cellophane to change how light capture takes place.

Vaseline on an analogue lens is a bit more feasible than using it on a phone, but either way you can get a sort of “old timey” picture. Multi Colored cellophane can put an artistic tint on any scene.

4. Family Fun

Take multiple pictures. Look, you aren’t constrained by film anymore. You can capture as many images as your phone’s data banks—or that of your digital camera—can hold. Granted, taking portraits in a professional studio can yield some fine pictures, but your most memorable moments will always be authentic.

Friends, spouses, family, some rambunctious pets—all are excellent photo opportunities. Get into the practice of snapping many photos of your family whenever the opportunity presents itself. You’ll catch some interesting things.


Your Only Limitation Is Imagination

There are all kinds of things you can do in terms of home photography. Light, technology utility, interior decoration, family fun, and more characterize a few fun interior ideas you might want to play with in the near future.

While an expensive education and the most cutting-edge photography equipment you can find will certainly give you substantial ability, without “soul”, it doesn’t matter. The most HD photo capture in the world will bore you to tears if it’s only used to record a blank wall.

The subject matter of your photography, and its clarity or strategic lack thereof, are key. For those, imagination will be your finest resource; regardless of material of photography equipment.

Marco Dennis

Marco Dennis is an adventurous lifestyle and travel blogger. Follow his adventures at www.thepinoytraveler.com. For events, collaboration and advertisement, email him at dhenzuki@yahoo.com

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