Nasugbo is one of the towns in Batangas that offers wonderful spots for those people who want to escape  from the busy metro. It has lots of white beaches that feature powdery sands, crystal clear waters, amazing natural structures. One of the attractions in town is called Fortune Island also known as Santorini of Batangas.

Fortune Island Itinerary
Fortune Island (c) Neon Ibanez

Fortune Island was once a luxury island resort and it’s now abandoned. You can still find some structures like Grecian architecture from the famous pillars of Parthenon and statues of ancients gods and mythical creatures. The whole place is a replica of Greek Acropolis.

The island is perfect venue for photoshoot especially for wedding and tv commercials. The Grecian pillars and statues on the edge of the island overlooking the sea are the best spot to take selfie.

There are lots of outdoor activities to do in the island such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, cliff jumping, playing frisbee and many more!

Just a reminder to everyone, there’s no electricity, no cottages, no stores in the island. You need to bring enough water and food if you are going to stay either day trip or overnight. Don’t also to forget to put sunblock or bring hat/cap or umbrella to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun. Include on your itinerary the ‘Bulaluhan’ in Tagaytay

How to get to Fortune Island

Take a bus bound for Nasugbu, Batangas in Buendia. Travel time is around 2- 3 hours
From Nasugbo Terminal, take a tricycle going to the resort, jump off point
From the resort, take a boat going to Fortune Island. Travel Time is around 1 hour

Budget / Expenses

Manila to Nasugbo (Bus)- P150
Nasugbo Terminal to Resort- P20
Fortune Island Landing Fee / Permit- P300/pax/daytrip -P400/pax/overnight
Boat Rental Fee- P4000-P6000/ depends on the number of pax

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