Colombia representative Francisco Escobar Parra hailed the winner Mister World 2013, held last November 24, 2012 at the Kent Country Showground in Kent England.

Francisco Escobar Parra
Francisco Escobar Parra of Columbia and Andrew Wold of Philippines

Parra defeated 47 other hunk and gorgeous men from around the world. Andrew Wolf of Philippines took the 2nd place while Mister Ireland Leo Dalaney got the 3rd place.

Here’s the list of Mister World 2013 TOP 10:

Mr. Belgium, Gianni Sennesael
Mr. Canada, Frankie Cena- Mister World Talent
Mr. Colombia, Francisco Parra
Mr Croatia, Vanja Grgec – Mister World Extreme Sports
Mr. England, Roland Johnson
Mr. Lebanon, Rodolphe Nader
Mr. Ireland, Leo Delaney – Mister World Sports
Mr. Philippines, Andrew Wolff – Mister World Multi-Media
Mr. Peru, Rodrigo Chu
Vietnam, Nam Truong – Mister World Fashion & Style Champion

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