There are lots of famous personalities that are successful chef and restaurant owner. Some of them didn’t get their start in culinary school and are all self-taught savants and mavens in the kitchen. Hence, only proves that, sometimes, you don’t necessarily need a degree from the finest, most expensive culinary school to make it in the food business.

In the recent FWD’s Culinary Bucket List event that held at Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico in San Juan, FWD Life Philippines’ (FWD) introduced to the members of the press the FWD Life Philippines’ (FWD) Bucket List Contest winners. Each of them brought their new and improved signature dishes. Chef Rolando Laudico taught them his technique on how to make more delicious and presentable their favorite dish.

As for the winners of the FWD Life Philippines’ (FWD) Bucket List Contest, they all started in their own kitchens—attracted by the lure of slowly melting shallots and caramelized pork belly or perfectly fluffy cheese omelets—cooking their much-loved specialty dish for friends and family. On their bucket list: Learn to create dishes that will someday wow the world.

During the event, Chef Lau shared his stories on how he started in the food and restaurant business. He also shared some of his working experience as a chef outside the Philippines.

One of the highlights of the event was the live cooking session of Chef Lau. He meticulously prepared his very own FWD Dish, a brighter and more vibrant twist to Chicken Pyanggang, a Tausug chicken delicacy marinated in burnt coconut and tossed with vegetables.

“When I was asked to create a dish that’s surprising, innovative, and different like FWD, I immediately thought of Chicken Pyanggang, which I tried recently during a trip in Mindanao,” Chef Lau says. “Cooking chicken in burnt coconut in itself is very surprising and very unique to how Filipinos are used to eating poultry. To take that Tausug dish and make it more vibrant is even more interesting and refreshing. It’s pushing the boundaries of flavors and spices, the way FWD is encouraging people, like our bucket list winners, to push their boundaries and go out of their comfort zones.”

Culinary bucket list achieved—and on to more! When will you?

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