Filipino-Australian rock singer MiG Ayesa recently visited three radio stations Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9 and 103.5 K-Lite to promote FWD’s lifestyle anthem “Fill My Cup,”a song that talks about living life to the fullest and bravely making the most out of opportunity.

FWD CEO Peter Grimes with Mig Ayesa
FWD CEO Peter Grimes with MiG Ayesa

Fill My Cup” was written and composed by Ayesa. It’s a song about resilience and optimistically taking on life’s challenges and future uncertainties by just living life to the fullest. During his visit in these Manila radio stations, Ayesa shared to Djs and listeners his thoughts about the song. He also shared the importance of insurance and how FWD Life PH can help you to be brave.

Fill My Cup” is my own personal soundtrack as it echoes my take on life and how I look at opportunities and challenges. It’s all about following your passions, “filling” up life with everything you can never giving up. There so many amazing things to see and to do in this world and we shouldn’t let our uncertainties and fears stop us. And that’s exactly what FWD wants to tell everyone- that they will be there to back you up, just in case something goes wrong. Remember, fortune favors the brave and FWD is help you be brave,” Ayesa shared

(L-R) Peter Grimes, Sr. Cynthia Camuta, AR, Sr, Merlyn Pelarion, AR, Mig Ayesa and Roche Vandenberghe
(L-R) Peter Grimes, Sr. Cynthia Camuta, AR, Sr, Merlyn Pelarion, AR, MiG Ayesa and Roche Vandenberghe

For all the listeners of Jam, Magic and K-lite, every time “Fill My Cup” is requested and played on the radio, FWD Life Philippines will donate P50 to Saint Rita Orphanage, a loving home that takes care abandoned and orphaned children.

What  I liked about the song”Fill My Cup,” it has meaningful and positive message. It reminds me to live life without hesitations or reservations. To keep on living it up and not give up. Not only the lyrics, I also loved the upbeat tone of the song. It boosts my energy at work.

Watch the official video of “Fill My Cup” below:

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