Working in a BPO company is a bit stressful. Most of the time, there are changing of shifts or schedules depend on the demand of the company and clients. Talking to different customers (especially irate customers) over the phone also adds negative vibes at work. Because of this, call center employees somtimes get sick.

Gingerbon Review

One of the powerful tools of of a BPO employee (especially on the production) is their voice. Their job is to talk their customers, resolve their concerns and give them satisfaction.

Aside from being a blogger, I’m a full time employee in a BPO company. Most of the time I talk cutomers over the phone. Sometimes I feel my vocal cords is over used. There’s a time I feel pain inside due to non stop talking, which result to hoarseness.

Everytime I feel pain on my vocal cords, I drink warm water or eat a menthol candy. It helps a little bit but the pain still there.


Recently, I found a chewy candy called Gingerbon which comes in green and red packaging. It’s the first ginger chewy candy in the Philippines. It relaxes my vocal cords with warm soothing effect of ginger. It relieves voice stress without the hustle of brewing ginger or dealing with its often strong flavor.

Gingerbon is available in both  regular and extra strong varieties and comes in two sizes: 20 grams for those who want  Ginger on the go and 125 grams for stocking up in the office or at home. This ginger candy is made up of ginger, tapioca starch, sugar vegetable oil and others.

Not only for call center employees, I also recommend this candy for teachers, instructors, singers, entertainers or to anyone who expose their voice everyday to strenuous work.

Gingerbon is exclusively distributed by ADP Industries Corporation and now available in all leading drugstores, convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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