One thing that we always need to remember, Health is Wealth. If we are healthy, definitely we can work efficiently. Of course, if we work right, we can earn more money. We need also the all energies to perform well on all our daily activities


Good to know that there is a  food supplement that will give an endless source of energy to enjoy the life- the Ginsana.

Ginsana is a reliable Swiss quality product that combines nature and science and which has the standing of a clinically proven product will all the benefits of natural products.  It is new natural energy provided made from the highest standardized ginseng extract G115.

I heard a lot of good things about ginseng. This herb has been used for thousands of years to improve people’s overall health. It improves the health of people recovering from illness. There are some studies that that Ginseng has effect on physical endurance. Ginseng also enhances mental performance. Sounds interesting?


You know already that I’m employee at night and blogger in the morning. Definitely I always experienced STRESS due to lack of sleep. I always feel no energy and moody all the time.

I’m using the Ginasana more than a week a right now and surprisingly it really gives the energy that I need to do all my activities. Actually it helps restore my energy levels over time. Even I don’t have enough sleep, it helps me to be awake and cheerful. I also feel I’m always full of energy every time I play badminton.

Just to inform you guys, ginsenosides (triterpene glycosides) of Panax ginseng are believed to contribute to the enhancement of physical capacities in case of weakness, exhaustion, and tiredness, Also, to support mental capacities and for strengthening the immune system. Ginsana helps shorten recovery time after periods of increased physical demand.

According also to studies, Ginseng increases the aerobic/anaerobic barrier, thereby increasing the oxygen uptake by the cells, as a result, increase endurance. In addition, Ginsana has been tested and has been declared free from any doping substance, according to the guidelines of the international Olympic Committee. Ginsana may therefore be taken by the athletes even during the competitions where doping tests are conducted.

The best time to take Ginsana before or during meal, because the absorption of the vital elements is considerably better. It also recommended to take two capsules per day because base on clinical studies that this dosage gives best result.

Ginsana SA,  a Boehringer Ingelheim Group company locatedin Bioggio, Switzerland, partnered with Pacific Healthcare, Inc as its exclusive Philippine distributor.

Ginsana is priced affordable and available in capsules of 100s, 60s and singly in selected Mercury Drug and Watsons nationwide.

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