Some people are naturally gifted with an amazing talent. Most of  the time, these talented people used their  skills to support himself and to succeed in life. Others are using their talent to join to different contests and to win some exciting prizes.

If you have a talent in shirt designs, here’s your chance to get featured on Giordano’s Voltes V collection next year. Join the Giordano’s Voltes V Tee Design Contest and you can get cash plus gift certificates. This contest is part of the preparation for the Ultra Electromganetic show’s 40th anniversary.


“We invite everyone to submit your Voltes V designs, and be part of the Voltes V 40th anniversary collection by Giordano. You may use of all the elements in the show and make your designs look retro, minimalist, or modern, as long as they are original. We are very excited to see your entries,” said Melvin Lloyd Lim, Giordano Philippines VP for Business Development.

Designs must revolve around the theme, “Voltes V: The Ultra Electromagnetic 40th Anniversary”, and must be applicable to men’s and women’s style. The body color of the shirt may vary but the design to be submitted must only have a maximum of five colors.

Five winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity/execution and relevance to the theme—each receiving Php 15,000 in cash plus Php 15,000 worth of gift certificates.

Designs must be submitted in high resolution both in Adobe Illustrator format with editable layers and one JPEG format.. All designs must be superimposed on the given templates.

All entries, which include a scanned copy of valid ID, scanned specimen signature, signed waiver form, and designs in two formats, must be submitted to on or before January 1, 2017.

Winners will be announced on January 17, 2017 through the Giordano Philippines official Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Winners will also be notified via email and mobile phones.

Show your creativity and send in your designs as Giordano celebrates Voltes V 40th electromagnetic anniversary. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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