With the steady rise of smartphone penetration in the Philippines, Globe Telecom brings the most affordable Android phone to the country, giving lower income mobile phone users access to the mobile web and other related technologies.

Introducing the CloudFone Ice, another revolutionary Android handset that’s easy on the pocket, enabling a wide range of users to experience the benefits of mobile web powered by a stronger Globe network. CloudFone Ice showcases a 3.2” full touchscreen display (320×480 pixels) running on Android 2.1 and has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio and 3.15MP camera with up to 32GB storage via microSD card.

The first from a strong and affordable range of Android phones from CloudFone, the CloudFone Ice is available for only P4,990 for a prepaid kit or for FREE at My Super Plan 499 for postpaid subscribers.

“The CloudFone Ice is another revolutionary offer from Globe. At a price that’s so easy on the wallets of our Filipino mobile phone users, this is indeed one great deal to respond to the increasing demand for more affordable smartphones,” said Joanna Africa, Head of Globe Portfolio Management. “Gone are the days when mobile access to various sources of information and entertainment via the World Wide Web is only limited to the more expensive smartphones. With the CloudFone Ice, users can access Facebook, Twitter, Google, and their favorite e-mail and chat sites in a snap without having to spend too much.”

Added Africa, “There is more to CloudFone Ice than just being a cellphone. Aside from connecting you to the mobile web, your CloudFone Ice is a reflection of your personality. It is customizable to fit your lifestyle, needs and preferences. A wide range of applications and features are also available to fit the activities you do and sites you visit on the Internet.”

For those in the corporate world, CloudFone Ice enables users to create, edit and open document, spreadsheet and presentations via the mobile phone. It can also be used as a mobile laptop for presentation purposes, a business card reader, a voice recorder and as a means to download e-mails and the latest news.

Creative individuals who are one with multimedia can also use the CloudFone Ice to take photos in various camera effects as well as edit them. A built-in video player and music player also allow access to a wide range of video file types and songs, keeping users entertained and in touch with their creative side.

CloudFone Ice also opens doors for a multitude of applications such as mobile games, currency converter, language translator, and maps. The device also comes handy for students because of its features such as Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Scientific Calculator and Periodic Table. Social networking users can also rely on the CloudFone Ice for easy and convenient access to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and their respective instant messenger (Y!M, MSN) accounts.

 To fully enjoy the mobile web and maximize the features of CloudFone Ice, Globe subscribers can register to PowerSurf 15, an hour of consumable mobile Internet valid for 1 day and available for P15 for prepaid users, or PowerSurf 99, a postpaid plan offering 50MB of consumable mobile Internet valid for 30 days for postpaid users. Text POWERSURF15 (for prepaid) or POWERSURF 99 (for postpaid) to 8888 to register. For other PowerSurf services, text POWERSURF INFO to 8888.

Visit a Globe store nearest you or call 730-1000 to get a CloudFone Ice today.

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