GMA Network brings another interesting cooking show that will give a new twist on your daily routine that will teach you how to prepare and cook scrumptious dishes.

Kusina-Master-Chef boy Logro-Chef Pablo Logro-Chef Boy-cooking show-GMA 7 Cooking show-Kusina Master GMA 7-GMA 7-GMA Kusina

Kusina Master is GMA 7’s upcoming daily show that presents 15-minute cooking program in front of live audiences that will unfold excellent kitchen skills and unravel the secrets in cooking, making everyday food preparation effortless.

Hosted by Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro, Kusina Master will guide every viewer to a step-by-step food preparation with practical cooking tips added with special techniques in making quality and scrumptious dishes everyday.

Every week, there will be one Kapuso Celebrity who will be Chef Boy’s co-host to assist him in the preparation of palatable food for every occasion.

Each episode will be a cooking experience because Chef Boy will also have one celebrity student who will learn and discover the secrets of how to be a Kusina Master.

After each episode, Kusina Master Chef Boy will give an assignment to the viewers on what they need to prepare for the nest cooking episode.

Don’t miss the exciting mothering episodes of Kusina Master beginning Monday, January 2, 2012, weekdays, before Eat Bulaga only GMA 7.

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