Golden Haven, developer of the country’s biggest and most beautiful memorial parks, recently held their second annual virtual awards, which gave recognition to the company’s sales frontliners for their extraordinary performance in 2021.

During the awards ceremony, best-performing associates were lauded for their performance though prizes and cash incentives.

This year’s Golden Haven Annual Awards, the company’s second during the pandemic, bore the theme “Boundless Opportunities, Limitless Possibilities,” which resonates with its current slogan, Transcend 2022. Acknowledging the massive efforts of its sales associates to excel despite the challenges of the times, Golden Haven’s new catchphrase spurs its people to continue “pushing beyond limits and transcending milestones.”

To entertain the attendees of the event, some members of the Golden Haven Team prepared and performed a special number

To celebrate these individuals, Golden Haven gave out a number of awards to its best-performing associates on top of fantastic prizes and generous cash incentives. With the company operating more than 32 branches nationwide, Golden Haven proudly delivered various regional, national, and special awards to its top sales networks.

Estrelita Tan, COO of Golden Haven Memorial Awards, graced the event with her presence and stressed Golden Haven’s values in her speech: innovation and resilience.

Expressing her warmest congratulations for a job well done was Estrelita Tan, COO of Golden Haven Memorial Parks, who graced the event with her presence. In her speech, Tan stressed two values that kept Golden Haven afloat and moving forward amid the pandemic: innovation and resilience. These, she asserted, played meaningful roles in lifting the company to new heights with every challenge that came.

Tan likewise lauded Golden Haven’s entire team for achieving significant digital milestones in all facets of the business: marketing, operations, collection, IT, and even human resources.

This year’s Golden Haven Annual Awards aimed to give recognition to the company’s sales frontliners for their outstanding performance in 2021.

In fact, the successful holding of the event online affirmed Golden Haven’s efforts to sustain the digitalization of all their processes. This is a key aspect of keeping Golden Haven’s operations efficient under any circumstances and further proves that both employees and customers are kept safe with online transactions.

Indeed, with innovation and resilience as the tandem forces behind it, and an incredibly inspired sales team, Golden Haven looks forward to fostering stronger ties with its valuable sellers and business partners—and relishing greater success in 2022 as the most trusted name in the deathcare industry.

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