“We party and we party ’til daylight. We be gettin’ it in come on we gettin’ it in”. I remember the lyrics but gosh….I forgot the title of the song.. Anyway the reason why I’m singing the song because one night, I was invited to a party and taste Grand Marnier at Scarlett Lounge in the Fort Entertainment Complex.

Grand Marnier is created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, and recognized the world over for its unique taste, distinctive packaging and prestigious image. It is made from a blend of true cognacs and distilled essence of bitter orange Citrus bigaradia. It is sold in over 150 countries and used in a wide range of drinks and desserts.

As a Party Peepz, I love to drink different cocktails. I wasn’t surprised when I learned Grand Marnier. I know Grand Marnier and I tried it before. On sipping you get a strong bitter-sweet orange flavour which is followed up by some Cognac notes and a slight burn. You will really taste the nice mixture of sweet and bitter orange,  and cognac. Yeah! I love tto drink and party all night.

Grand Marnier Ruby Limited Edition

In the early 1880s, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle first introduced his liqueur at gala evenings to Parisians of the Belle Époque.

Today, to celebrate its 130th anniversary, the Ruby Limited Edition has been inspired by the timeless charm of the period.

Black, the princely attribute of the Renaissance, whose chic has never gone out of fashion, underlines the sensual lines of the bottle, like the satin of a dress on the roundness of a hip or the sparkle of a rhinestone or jet necklace.

The GRAND MARNIER® seal, so symbolic, gives way to a ruby of exceptional size that captivates every gaze. This lapidary effect brings out the full light from the liqueur, in a stone with an extravagant sparkle and subtle lighting.

At a time when the term “little” qualified everything that was in fashion, the visionary Louis- Alendre baptized his liqueur Grand Marnier. An audaciousness be different, which has marked the brand’s success. Therefore, as tribute,a very large ruby offsets the refined discretion of the matt and glossy black gown of the limited edition bottle.

Ruby, a glimpse at the many facets of a timeless liqueur!

An audacious implied reference is apparent in this Limited Edition, in the same way as the GRAND MARNIER® company reserves for its customers every year. The lively spirit of a brand that has remained intact, capturing for more than a century subtle, fleeting fashions, is also evident…  A great idea never changes; it just has to be reinterpreted every day.

By blending, with a stroke of genius, extracts of bitter orange peel with the nobleness of cognac aged in oak casks and by making, for the specific purpose, his own cognac and exploiting his own orange groves, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle created  that is universally appreciated for its unique character.

By affixing the famous red wax seal on each bottle, his aim was to signify, in a symbolic manner, the know-how of the Firm transmitted from generation to generation.

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