Most of us love to eat rice at every meal. Some are saying that a meal is not complete without rice. Well, if you are in living in an Asian country like the Philippines, most of the time, rice is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some Filipinos can take 5-8 cups of rice daily. Yes, you read it right! So don’t avoid eating rice. It contains vitamins, minerals and a lot of carbohydrates that give our bodies the energy we need.


Cooking a rice is not that easy especially if you are making rice on the stovetop. Some are having a hard time making a perfect pot of rice. One of the problems when cooking rice is the bottom layer of rice has burned. Sometimes, rice is still hard in the middle after the allotted time. Good thing there are already available rice cookers in the market which bring us a lot of conveniences.



Recently, GRAYNS™ officially launched its revolutionary health cooker in the Philippines. It’s the only healthy rice cooker in the world. Using advanced technology with the only patent in the whole world, it removes starch from rice and other starch sources lowering calorie content as well as glycemic load. It is highly recommendable for reducing the risk of Diabetes, Weight Gain and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Grayns Rice Cooker

GRAYNS™ is perfect for diabetics both type 1 and type 2. It significantly helps each diabetic to control their blood sugar level and prevent spikes and crashes just 15 minutes after use. It’s also not just for diabetics, but any individual who wishes to prevent diabetes and obesity. It is the perfect rice aroma cooker to help customers kick start their diets by allowing them to enjoy eating while lessening calories.

Aside from it reduces rice’s glycemic load, rice cooked in the GRAYNS™ Rice Cooker is fluffy, fully cooked and undergoes maximum expansion. Rice can also last up to 5 or more days when left outside at room temperature.

GRAYNS™ designs and develops products that promote lifestyle & convenience by solving the problems or filling the missing gaps present in the kitchen appliances market of today.

Available at all Rustan’s Department store Branches and Abensons Ascott BGC for Php27,000.

For more details visit You may call them at (02)584 0000 loc.1180 (sales) 1319 (service) or email them at

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