With the latest innovation of speaker system in the market, Krator brings unique and creative products that décor our surroundings and add funs to our life.

The name KRATOR is derived from the “impact crater”- the visible depressions left on the surface of planets and moons. Impact craters are caused by high velocity of a meteorite crashing planet. It is the same kind of forceful power and visible changes that KRATOR will have and thus impact today’s consumer audio and gaming habitat.

What the good about Krator speakers are the designs and quality of sounds. The tear-drop or Opera house shape of the speaker gives a good impact not only to our eyes bust also to the sounds. The bass sounds is not that heavy even there’s vibration on the unit. It produces a good sounds quality- very smooth as it travels to our ears. This system offers exceptional warm and enveloping sound dispersion.

The Neso 04 is created with imagination and innovation. It’s is not just a speaker, it is also an arts. The utilizing art forms like Expressionism, Modernism and Contemporary art, Neso 04 is further divided into 3 sub-categories: Opera House, Surrealism and Drop.

On the other hand, Neso 06 is created with the beauty and admiration of the mysterious ancient achievement.  The design is based on the concept of Stonehenge with the same color of this ancient masterpiece.

The whole-system design contributes to the success of this series; clean cut contour with solid back finish and electronic calculations behind the build of these speakers. 3D audio effect simulation and silk tweeter further add light to it.

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