Among other types of essays, the argumentative essay is standing out. This is a sort of writing work, presenting deep scientific research of the problem in question. To compare it with the common five-paragraph essay, the latest commonly reflects the personality of the writer. However, are you aiming to become an effective copywriter?

In the argumentative essay, the author has to undertake a deep investigation of the subject, gather the necessary information, evaluate it and present a logical conclusion.

argumentative essay

The expository essay is the closest kind of essay, but that written work is usually much shorter and provides only a review of the problem without profound insight and investigation. To prove the rightfulness of the personal statement, all necessary information must be analyzed, and the results of the deep investigations should be given. The presented point of view of the author should be more grounded, than other opinions, because it has to be built on scrutinized information and a detailed analysis. To convince the essay readers in the author’s opinion, these information sources should be credible and reliable, of course you can also find credible essays you can use for inspirations at services.

Using the inductive method of reasoning, in which the statements of other authors are considered as the sources for detailed further researches, the author should present his foundation of the evidence. The author has to study the existing suggestions in details, work them out, and imply them for the personal conclusion. If the author fails, his essay will be considered as insupportable. Depending on the essay topics, the argumentative essays provide the study of the published previously materials and may require the empiric investigations, when the author has to take out data from surveys, statistic reports or experiments. This type of essay should show the ability of the author to make conclusions from the large amount of facts, and not only from the personal assumptions.

H1 Argumentative Essay Structure

Normally the standard argumentative essay contains 5 paragraphs: introduction, 3 main bodies and conclusion. This kind of the written paper is rather a long piece of work because the author has to write about different sources and approaches, discuss all points around the subject, and state different opinions. In many cases, five paragraphs will not be sufficient for the complete study.

The introduction should present the general idea. It ordinary begins with the clear affirmation and the signification of the presented opinion based on the all-round analyze of facts. The introduction makes the reader familiar with the subject and particularities of the problem to study. The strong thesis should be stated in it with the short description of the previous attempts to find the truth.

Every paragraph should be limited by one idea. This way, it will allow tracing the development of the main idea. Every part of the argumentative essay must have a strict connection with the thesis stated in the introduction to support it. It’s important to demonstrate how and why the data support  the thesis. The information should be precise, concrete, detailed, and verified. It is required the logical exposition and smooth transitions from one part to another. All parts have to be united in one well-built core. Instead of indiscriminately blame some opinions in the falsity, it would be better to point out on the lack of information that time and on the necessity to update the subject by the new data.

The conclusion, as the final part of the argumentative essay, should be in the form of resume of the stated above hypothesis and facts with the evidence, based on the real facts. The main thesis of the author is to be repeated in the conclusion. This thesis is not simply re-stated but modified given the additional information and undertaken analyses. The final part is very important because it will be printed in the readers’ mind. Therefore, it must be logical and impressive.

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