Over the past 2 weeks Team Bieber traveled more than 16,000 miles on12 planes 2 buses, 2 fire boats, 1 train , and a golf cart through 9 cities in 7 countries, performing on 8 TV shows (including 4 multi song TV specials) 4 acoustic album release parties, and 2 radio shows for more than 500,000 fans. If that wasn’t enough, Justin also completed more than 100 interviews, did 10 meet and greets, suffered 1 concussion, and was the cause of 1 state of emergency!!!

Justin Bieber

In the weeks to come Team Bieber will embark on the second leg of  Justin Bieber‘s “All Around The World” promoting the release of “Believe” in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand totaling 13 countries within 1 month of release!!

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