Most of us stay at home to avoid getting and spreading the covid-19. And one of ways to be out of boredom, we watch videos from our favorite YouTube creators. Good to know that there a lot of creators produce entertaining and helpful content.

From tech, music, fitness to food, you an find a lot good videos from different YouTube creators. So if you are interested in tech and games, for beauty tips and tricks, for recipes and new drinks to try and other things, I suggest to download the YouTube app and watch useful reviews and entertaining videos.

If you want to know about Japan and how to learn Nihingo, you may watch Yuchan and Kimie, better known as the Yukimi Couple. They post videos about their daily life in Japan and basic Japanese tutorials.

For music lovers, you may want to visit the channel of Drum Teacher Manila. On this channel, Blue Arjona posts video tutorials on basic drum lessons, as well as drum covers of popular songs to help you get started on your newfound hobby.

For techies out there, you will surely enjoy gadget reviews from Gio Takes on Tech. He uploads game unboxing videos and product videos with his own twist.

Other YouTube creators that you might want to check include The Skin Sensei ( About skin Care ), Ronnie Burbac ( Haircut tutorials and tips), Chao Coffee and Tea ( About Coffee and Milk Tea ), RCE Studios , simply Pinay ( Exercise videos) and Jacob Alava ( About quarantine home exercises, guides on intermittent fasting, and healthy meals).

Don’t forget to watch to these amazing YouTube creators and subscribe to their channels and stay tuned for more of their enjoyable and helpful content.

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