Levi’s® style tips: How to wear your 501® Skinny and 501® CT jeans

The Levi’s® 501® Skinny and 501® CT takes inspiration from the iconic 501® Original, the Levi’s® jeans that started it all. Remastered for today’s taste, these jeans add style to any male and female wardrobe, in many possible ways.

Remastered for the modern taste, the 501 CT features a tapered leg down to the ankle, a classystyle for the gents.
Remastered for the modern taste, the 501 CT features a tapered leg down to the ankle, a classystyle for the gents.

With these contemporary 501® takes come a recurring habit: staring at the closet for hours, racking brains on ideas for tops that would perfectly complement your brand-new Levi’s® 501® Skinny and 501® CT jeans?

Once again, the timeless Levi’s® brand makes living in Levi’s® a tad easier for you by sharing wardrobe ideas for these two jeans.

Levi’s® 501® skinny jeans for ladies

Levi’s® suggests a perfect skinny jean look for women:

501® Skinny. Faded for a timeless vintage style, the 501® Skinny, a remastered version of the ageless 501®, sits high and tight on the waist to hug your curves. The ‘new type of skinny’, these jeans look like the authentic 501® Original, with added lean and modern style.

These jeans are best casually styled, for an effortlessly sexy vibe.

To achieve this look, wear the 501® Skinny with a menswear-inspired striped shirt, leaving it half-tucked, with the collar open. Add a tailored jacket with the collar popped.

Levis For Women

Levi’s® 501 CT tapered jeans for the gents

Levi’s® shares a stylish look that men should go for when wearing tapered jeans:

501® CT. Customized to suit today’s taste, the 501® CT is a classic remastered with a tapered leg down to the ankle.

When wearing the 501® CT, switch things up with a dark, braided belt. For a mix of indigo shades, add a navy shirt. Go casual by buttoning only the top two buttons, and show off your crisp white sneakers by rolling your 501® CT’s hem.

Levi’s® makes everyday styling easier with these surefire stylish outfit ideas. Shop for these looks at http://levi.com.ph/501day.

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