Libations made a smashing grand opening last 21 January 2012 at the second level of G-Strip, Greenhills, San Juan City.

The name Libations was inspired by a latin style of drinking that involved a more personal and laid back feel. The term itself originates from the latin word libere, that refers to the act of pouring as an offering to god. This is what LIBATION wants to achieve, for everyone that enters their doors will be treated as gods.

“We want to treat everyone like a god. Libations will provide all our customers the best food and drinks as well fantastic music on a perfect ambient atmosphere  to relax and comfort while chatting and drinking of wine and beers with your friends or colleagues ” said Elmer Nicolas.

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Nikki Laurel designed Libation’s interior that introduced elements of rustic and sophisticated design. The tables and chairs are placed in the center of the bar fronting the DJ’s place. At the back part area of LIBATION is the elegant and comfortable couches where VIP’s can drink, eat and talk smoothly without the affecting the exhaustive music inside the lounge. Imported wines are all displayed on a glass display cabinet located at the left side of the lounge that will surely hook you up to taste every single bottle. On the right side of the lounge is the bar’s place where waiters mix cocktail drinks and prepare your Japanese and Filipino’s dishes for your “pulutan”. Pinoymanila really impressed on the cozy ambiance of the  drink lounge. The “inuman” area is really big that can accommodate up to 300 pax.

Libations offers wide selection of imported wine and beer along with their signature cocktail drinks namely Libation and Volcano. The bar list has been carefully selected with expertise, taste and strict control to provide customers with the finest quality at the most affordable place. Name it! They have it!

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Aside from their superb drink list, Pinoymanila loves their special pica pica such as sausage platter and sushi. They also have special sisig and variety of chicharon from Bulacan.

What unique Libations apart from other Manila night life establishment, it has negative-ion bulbs. This ionic technology is able to remove smoke and odors in just minutes. And that’s really true! Pinoymanila stayed in the lounge for 8 hours and the place still smells good. The ion bulbs really eliminate the bad odor coming from the smoke of cigarettes.

Libations-libation bar-libation greenhills- clubs in metro manila- bars in metro manila- libations bar-g strip greenhillsLibations-libation bar-libation greenhills- clubs in metro manila- bars in metro manila 1

Around 10pm, Libation will transform into a party atmosphere. The advance technology lazer lights will amaze you with its flurry of beams and striking line shapes effects. DJ plays different genre of music that makes you party harder.

Libations is a place where there is everything you ask for from the comfortable atmosphere, cozy ambience, unmitigated and exhaustive music, good people, exceptional dishes, and handpicked quality of beverages, that everyone will surely love.

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