Are you bothered on your size and weight? Have you been thinking about trying a weight-loss program? I know there are lots of programs that promise to help you lose weight and achieve the desired body you’re aiming for. Some of these programs are advertised online, newspaper, magazine, among others. Are these programs safe? check this review to find the answer.

Last week, I attended an inspiring event about a lifestyle program with Carboxfix that may help you to lose weight safely, happened in Carmelo Restaurant in Greenbelt. It’s joined by members of the press, online community, bloggers together with friends from Cohen Lifestyle Center and its satisfied clients.


The program I’m talking about is called Cohen Lifestyle Program. It is a program that develops a personalized eating plan and teaches clients the right eating and sleeping habits to optimize the performance of the organs vitals for metabolic processes. It is also a weight loss program based on every client’s unique blood profile. There are many weight loss centers that help you lose weight in the right way. Check out About New You Medical Center for more information.


Cohen’s Lifestyle Center has spawned many knockoffs but there’s nothing like the real deal. The program is developed by Dr. Rami Cohen, an international specialist renowned for his research on hormones involved in obesity ad weight loss. The program is an individually eating plan that aims to correct hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain. One could also test their Testosterone Richmond TX, understand their body better if there is any issue and if there is a need for testosterone therapy.

Before, I thought  a weight loss program like the Cohen is open to everyone who wants to lose weight. But in Cohen, not everyone can undergo the program. The Cohen Lifestyle Centre also conducts a comprehensive medical screening and coordinate with their primary physicians to see if a particular client is suitable to do Cohen. You can also read our carbofix reviews if you’re looking for a dietary supplement that aids the body in natural weight loss.


Aside from the personalized eating plan, Cohen Lifestyle Centre’s specialists monitor their client’s progress and blood parameters monthly so they can be guided accordingly. The Centre provides monthly weigh-in and face to face consultations, as well as blood test reminders.

Meanwhile, the event was also joined by Cohen’s Lifestyle Program’s satisfied clients including Jamee Padilla, Gerry Francia, Erika Avancena, Digzy Umali, Joy Marcelo, Roger Rosales, and Elizabeth Abela. All of them shared their  stories on how Cohen help them to lose weight and to become fit and healthy. Their testimonials are very inspiring and motivating. Some of Cohen’s graduates lose  29 lbs for a couple of months and other lose 70lbs to 89lbs.

The success of the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program does not stop at promoting weight loss. Even after graduating from the program, many clients have been able to maintain their ideal weight, by continuing to live by the Cohen principles.

Reminder to everyone, please be careful to those offering Cohen Lifestyle Program. Make sure you are talking to legit employees of Cohen’s Lifestyle Center.

To learn more about the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, visit today. You may also call 828 5251 for other inquiries.

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