Summer is fast approaching and the weather is starting to get warmer. Are you ready to beat the heat? Maybe this time, you are planning to travel to a beautiful beach destination. A place where you can chill and relax together with your loved one, family and friends. You deserve an ultimate vacation and this is the perfect time to explore the world.

Are you considering buying a swimsuit online this summer? Check out the LYRA brand. It offers the most beautiful, ethically produced modest swimsuits & burkinis in the world, using only the finest Italian fabrics. Yes, you read it right. Aside from the comfy and fashionable swimsuits, the brand features full coverage of the burkini, combining feminine designs and comfort. If you love to dress when swimming or heading to the beach, this brand is perfect for you.

“The LYRA brand has all the elegance of classic Hollywood, Moroccan beach cool and minimalist design.The swimsuits are made from lightweight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with High UV protection and can be bought as a full set, or separates, including a chic turban style head covering, leggings, and long line, long sleeve tops, so you can create the fit and cover you want.”

Aside from the swimsuits and burkinis, LYRA also offers swim accessories including hijabs, tie knot swim caps, turbans, colorful sarongs, leggings, trousers, swim bra, wet bags and many more.

If you are planning to buy a new swimsuit or burkini any time soon, always consider the material, the right fitting, your activities, design and style ( a swimsuit that won’t go out of style). Keep these in mind when buying a swimwear.

For more details, you may visit LYRA’s website & social media accounts.

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