The Fashion brand comes out as Mario Dboro launches its newest collection and welcomes their official brand ambassador for men’s shoes.

The shoe brand furthers its reign the hottest Brapanese model –actor, Fabio Ide.  From one of the most favorite models on runways to the most talk-about commercial  TV Ad campaigns, and now to be the one rising stars in TV shows,  Fabio proves that he is one of the most sought-after model-actor  TV personality  today.

Mario D’ boro opens the Summer Season with their latest collection for 2012 that perfectly marries and function. It goes into full gear with its Fabio Ide’s collection which brings promising and distinct selection of on-trend pieces. It also reveals the combination of fashionable appearance and that elusive quality.

Fabio Ide’s collection comes along into different colors and style. Some of the designs sturdy leather uppers and non-leather outsoles, and  a wide profile for comfort that can be uses on a formal and casual occasion or just normal outdoor activities.




The shoes are made with imported and local quality materials and  guaranteed craftsmanship. The brand offers nothing but comfort durability and functionality among its users.

For more information on Mario D’ Boro‘ shoes collection (men and women), visit their Facebook page  MarioDboroShoes and Twitter @iloveshoes_mdb.

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