Do you believe that music is a life companion? For me Yes! When I’m doing blogging, I see to it I have my headphones on my ears. It really motivates me, change my moods and emotions. I really believe music has  a large influence to all kinds of different people, regardless of gender, age, or socio-economic class. Do you agree on that?

Any way the reason why I’m talking about music is because opm solo artist and bands recently rocked the NBC Tent on the launched of the Globe Samsung Galaxy S4.

Joining Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu (4th from left) during the launch are (from left) Eric Sulit, Samsung Head for Mobile Business; music icon Jim Paredes; Chung Lyong Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation; Globe subscriber Wilson Chua; and Michael Cheon, Samsung Business Advisor Mobile Business.

The event is presented by Globe Telecom, the #1 in postpaid and trusted device partner. It was hosted by radio DJ Karen Bordador, featured four (4) of today’s most admired music icons such as R&B singer Luke Mejares, soul band Freestyle, rock group The Dawn, and rock icon Bamboo. It was a powerhouse cast, and with the performers’ signature songs and timeless hits, subscribers and their companions were taken to music heaven without the need for a ticket or pass.

On top of the free concert, guests were treated to a generous dinner buffet and overflowing drinks as they wait for their turn to claim their new Galaxy baby. Booths also came aplenty for subscribers looking for new phone accessories like cases and protective covers for their newly-purchased, hot-from-the-oven Galaxy S4.

“Aside from making Globe subscribers one of the first owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the world, we take pride in giving them the best experience from pre-order to actual fulfillment with innovative launches like this,” shared Debbie Obias, Head of Globe Postpaid Acquisitions.


Subscribers can avail of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for as low as P1,599 monthly under the best-ever Globe My Super Plan 999 with P600 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period, giving subscribers the most affordable and competitive device bundle offer in the market today. Under this best-ever offer, subscribers get unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps plus free calls and texts.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also available at lower plans with affordable monthly cash outs payable via credit card over 24 months at 0% interest. Subscribers availing of Platinum plans under a 24-month contract period get the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a free Samsung device. At Plan 3799, subscribers get a free Samsung Galaxy S3 mini; at Plan 5000 a free Samsung Galaxy Camera; and at Plan 10000 a free Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Obias added, “Samsung’s next-generation smartphone is best paired with a next-generation postpaid plan from Globe with our best-ever My Super Plan, made even more personalized, customizable and flexible than ever, giving subscribers more options to enjoy their postpaid plan bundle. With the most competitive S4 offer in the market today with a shorter lock-up period, customers are assured that they get the best device deals only from Globe.”

Subscribers can go to a Globe Store or visit to order a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Globe.

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