Sony Philippines posted a video on their official Facebook page featuring its newest celebrity endorser, Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre is the new endorser of Sony PH

Lustre is the newest face of Sony personal audio. She shared all she really needs for an amazing time is good company and good music. Most of the time, during her rest time, Nadine listen to music with her mobile phone. Music for her is an energy booster.

“I can’t imagine my life without music,” said the twenty-two year old actress and singer. “I listen to music every day—in the shower, in the car, travelling. During shoots, it gives me energy, it hypes me up. It helps me bond with my friends; it controls my emotions. Music is my life.” – Nadine Lustre , Siner/actress, Sony Ambassador.

Meanwhile, Sony released the Extra Bass™ line-up which designed to give listeners that extra kick of bass. The h.ear on™ MDR-100ABN (PhP 15,999), h.ear in™ MDR-EX750BT (PhP 8,999) headphones and h.ear go™ SRS-HG1 (PhP 9,999) wireless speaker along with the Extra Bass™ MDR-XB650BT (PhP 6,499) headphones and Extra Bass™ SRS-XB3 (PhP 6,999) speakers are now available in select Sony Centers and Egghead outlets.

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