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Pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and stress are the main causes of skin problems. Many men, including myself really hates pimples, acne, dry skin, oily face and other skin problems.

Last August 23, media friends and a group of bloggers attended the Nivea For Men Multi-Effect 8 Circuit Challenge. It was an afternoon of pure fun and exciting challenges from different exercises prepared by 360 Degree Fitness Club in Makati.

Photo from Nivea For Men Facebook Page

Nivea For Men Multi-Effect 8 is multi-effective formulation with Carnitine, Salicylic Acid and Mineral Magnesium effectively targets 8 main problems of oily skin while leaving the skin with clean, smooth and refreshed feeling.

Fight the 8 Main Problems of Oily Skin
1.Excessive Oiliness
2. Oily Shine on Face/Skin
3. Enlarged & Clogged Pores
4. Dry skin feeling after cleansing
5. Uneven & impure look
6. Formation of blackheads
7. Formation of whiteheads
8. Acne

Nivea For Men Multi-Effect 8 Oil Control Face Wash 1.deeply cleanses and removes excess dirt and oil, 2. removes oily skin shine, 3.prevents white heads, 4.helps to prevent balckheads, 5.unclogs and refines pores, 6.refreshes skin, 7.prevents dry and taut skin feeling, and 8.smoothens and events out the skin.

On the other hand, Nivea For Men Multi-Effect 8 Oil Control Moisture Gel 1.controls skin oiliness long lastingly, 2.reduces oily shine, 3.prevents whiteheads, 4.helps to prevent blackheads, 5.tightens and refines pores, 6.soothes the skin, 7.restores skin’s oil moisture balance and 8.smoothens and evens out the skin.

I tried the Face Wash and the Moisture Gel, and the result was really amazing. My skin feels so smooth and refined. It looks clean and clear without oily shine.

So guys, what are you waiting for?  Fight the 8 main problems of oily skin!

To know more  about NIVEA For Men’s latest innovation in men’s skin care visit their website @ and and like the  Nivea for Men Philippines  Facebook Page.

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