Petra Mahalimuyak releases “10 Ways to Wear a Scarf” video

Youtube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak released a tutorial video on how to wear our colorful and fashionable scarfs.

Petra Mahalimuyak

On this video, Petra talks about the summer and how to be fashionable using scarf. The title of new tutorial is “10 Ways to Wear a scarf.” The scarf that being used in the video is from the fashion authority SM Accessories.

“10 Ways to Wear a scarf” are the following:

1. Wear it as a headband
2. Wear it as turtleneck
3. Wear it as a collar (the flight attendant look)
4. Wear it as a double rainbow style (the celebrity look)
5. Wear it as a top
6. Wear it as a swimsuit
7. Wear it as a skirt
8. Wear it as a belt
9. Wear it as bag accent
10. Wear it as ninja style.

Get these stylish and fashionable scarfs in all SM Accessories section inside the SM Department Store.

Check out Petra Mahalimuyak “10 Ways to Wear a scarf”  tutorial video below:

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